Welcome! I am a SF/F geek and literature snob. I get equally emotional over Star Wars  and historical period romance films. Currently, I am regretting not starting this writing business a lot earlier in my life. Concurrently, I’m not spending too much time on regret. It’s not good for the soul, you know? And life’s too short for regret and all that.

These days I am working on my third, longest and best novel so far. Onwards and upwards. When I’m bored of that I read, watch movies, paint, listen to records, and try to get my tweens to hang out with me. My dog thinks I’m pretty cool. This blog is about the bright stars and black holes of my wannabe writer’s life. I also have a vegetarian cooking blog over here.

This quote has been taped to my computer for over a year: The obstacle is the path.


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