First Draft: A dialogue on writing is a wonderful podcast where heavy-weight writers discuss their process. They are all so humble and gentle voiced. They all struggle with self doubt and rejection.

Writing excuses — Great 15-minute long podcast for writers by writers. Mostly genre fiction, but applicable to all writing. 12 seasons and counting.

Writing with Color — tumblr blog about writing centered on racial & ethnic diversity. — this lady knows what she’s talking about. Please check her out. So much great advice about publishing.

Queryshark — excellent resource for learning about the do’s and dont’s of querying.

Goodreads — this is how I found my beta readers! Tons of writers and readers on the forum board. You must register first.

Absolutewrite forums — a great place to hang out when you’re not actually writing. They even have a lovely discussion board for query rejection stories.

Slushpile hell — how to laugh but NOT to query.

Twitter — who knew there were so many lit agents, editors and fellow writers on twitter. My god they love it! Make some connections. Find beta readers. Learn stuff. #amwriting #amrevising #5amwritersclub #ontheporch #storysocial